Yummy Red Bean Style Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!

This is an incredibly rich ice cream with extra oreintal taste. The sweet red beans mixture adds really nice essence to the vanilla ice cream. I boiled the red beans soup for half a day till they are really soft and gravy. I also add 2 pieces of delicious crackers right beside the ice cream! Crackers give crunchy texture to your soft and creamy ice cream, they do!

We love this dessert very much!!! We can't get enough of it ... ... The red beans are not that sweet because I put less sugar in it. When you put the ice cream and the red beans in your mouth, the red beans kinda softhens the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream with extra exotic touch.

KK even gets a second cup of it. That was the last scoop of the ice cream we had. ~~ (*.o ..*) /


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