Mini Oreo Tart with Strawberry Touch

This is a beautiful dessert that I love to make.

I bought the mini fillo shells from Walmart. There are 15 baked shells in one package. The shells are really light and flaky. And, the size is smaller than I thought. I did not expect them to be in such a tiny size.

You bake the shells for 3 to 5 minutes, then allow the shells to cool before filling.

The filling that I made is the blend of milk, 3 eggs, 2 egg yorks, sugar and water. Then, I cover the mixture with corn flakes and Oreo cookies(crash into small pieces). Later, bake it in the oven. Below is the picture of baked fillings. Its texture is similar to a softer pudding.

I fill the shells with the right amount of Oreo-egg pudding. Voila!!!

KK's reaction while tasting my oreo tart:

If you do not have time to make the fillings, you always can fill the shells with a fresh strawberry and some whipped cream ( I ran out of whipped cream :-( ..... ). The package of the shells give you a lot of ideas of what to make with. You can turn it into dessert, appetizer or anything that you can think of.

Be creative!


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