Homemade Seafood Meatballs with Bamboo Stick

Recently, I have craving for seafood meatballs. My mother always makes those fried seafood meatballs back home. Now, staying far away from home makes me an independent person and also a self-trained chef.

There are various kinds of meatballs which can be seen in different types of cuisines. These deep fried seafood meatballs are inspired by Southeast Asia dish called “Satay’. Satay is a a cuisine which places the grilled meat on the bamboo stick. They are usually served with spicy peanut butter sauce.

The seafood mixture is marinated over night with minced shrimps, fish paste, cilantro, salt and pepper. Then, scoop the seafood blend into a little meatball and coat evenly with all purpose flour. Deep fry the meatballs in deep fryer until they are golden yellow and aromatic.

Then, it is time to decorate these seafood meatballs with the cucumber slices and of course, the bamboos sticks! :)

Before you serve, pinch little salt or lemon juice over the seafood meatballs.

This is the interior of the crispy meatballs. Look juicy, isn't it?!?!?


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