Outdoor Cook- Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

My dinner last night was called “steak with black pepper sauce”.

My steak was marinated with basil leaves, thyme and oregano a night before.

The sauce is an easy making process. I put the coarsely ground black pepper and beef stock into the boiling water (a cup). Season the sauce with salt or any wine (depends on your own favor). Pour some onion slices into the sauce. Finally, add butter in to thicken the sauce. It adds little richness to the sauce.

This was the first time we grill the steak ourselves. He wanted his steak medium rare. However, he grilled it too “well done”. But, it was not too dry as it still spilled some steak “juice” when we cut it. After we grilled the steaks, we put the black pepper sauce on top of the steaks.

I said to my boyfriend, “Well done!” to his effort and also the way he grilled the steaks mistakenly … (*~*)


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