Notes from My Kitchen- Mars Style Fish Meatballs

A scattering of freshly cilantro adds a welcome layer of flavor to many dishes, such as this dish here I made today, called “Mars style Fish meatballs”. The essence of oyster sauce, red wine and garlic surround the pink fish meatballs, resulting in juicy and tender mouthful of feelings!!!!

This is the converstion me and my boyfriend had during the meal.

Him: " What do you call this dish?"
Me: "Mars Style Fish Meatballs"
Him: "Why?"
Me:"Because the meatballs look like Mars... it is red and sounds cute..."
Him: "Volcano style sounds more better"
Me: "I like Mars" (starting to feel annoyed by him)
Him:"Mars sounds lame for me ..."
Me: "the meatballs look like Mars"
Him: "Well, people will feel more excited to eat something more extravagant like "volcano""
Me: "For god sake, it is just a name for me to put on my blog! "

Now, I do feel like an exploding volcano :(


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