Notes from My Kitchen - Chicken Recipes

My Dinner for A day is a cup of soup and grilled chicken dish with super fine sauce.

(A) The Soup
- is roasted chicken with long grain and wild rice from Campbell’s Select (as shown in the picture).
- I beat an egg into the soup as you might notice from the picture.

(B) Chicken Breast with Mushroom-styled Pasta Sauce
- the sauce for the grilled chicken breast is a blend of onions and garlic chunky pasta sauce from Wal-Mart, tomato, scallion, mushroom and garlic.

Steps to make the sauce:
1. Sauté the mushroom in olive oil with a little garlic, over medium heat.
2. Pour tomato pieces and the pasta sauce.
3. Finally, add scallion and stir fry the mixture till it mixes thoroughly.
4. Pour the sauce on top of the grilled chicken breast.

Marinate the chicken breast with little salt, ground pepper, honey and lemon juice for hours to add more exotic essence.


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