My Set of Oriental Meal

The steam rice is served with chicken with potatoes. The chicken with potatoes dish is easily made as the following:
1. Marinate the chicken with teriyaki sauce or oyster sauce.
2. Put 1 spoon of vegetable oil, and then pour garlic pieces in.
3. Pan fry the chicken over medium heat. Add more teriyaki sauce(if you want).
4. Pour in the potatoes; little salt and little water, medium heat till the potatoes are soft.
5. Ready to serve with steam rice.

The meat stuffed lettuce dish is called “Mini Pork with lettuce wrap”.

Basically, I just mix the ground pork with scallion, onions, eggs, shrimps, soy sauce, honey and peanuts. Pan fry them with vegetable oil.

Serve with lettuce and sweet-and-sour sauce.


During the meal, KK only eats the pork. Well, he is a meat lover. He just doesn't eat much vegetables. I am very particular with the food. The reason it is called "mini pork with lettuce wrap", that means you eat with the lettuce. Okay, it is just not fun that I am the only one eats with lettuce.

"Would you please wrap it with the lettuce?"

"Later ..."

"It goes well with the lettuce, try ..."

(I can tell he is not very excited) ('~`)

So, I just go ahead and throw 1 piece of lettuce on his plate.

"Here you go, wrap it and eat. You never try, you never ..."

Before I even finish the sentence. He scoops it with his spoon and eat it.

"Why didn't you wrap it?"

"See, I ate the whole thing!"

-The End-


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