More than Just a Noodles

I crave for noodles very much.

This exquisite noodles dish are created to sooth the soul. It took me 30 minutes to make it; I guess it is time worthy.

The recipe of this egg noodle soup has crab meat, carrots, fish balls, tomatoes, homemade meat balls and eggs. The flavor is mainly shrimp paste plus oyster sauce.

1. Boil the water with medium heat to a boil, add shrimp paste, oyster sauce, pinch of salt, sugar and little ground black pepper, dried chilies (optional).
2. Pour crab meats, fish balls, homemade meat balls, tomatoes and carrots.
3. As soon as the soup is boiled again, pour egg noodles.
4. To serve, you can put boiled eggs and green onion pieces on top of the noodles soup.


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