"Express" Shopping

Main Reasons for a sexy camisole:
1. Women feel sexy and good in those great camisoles,
2. Men are crazy for women who is mysteriously sexy in camisole.

Last weekend, I bought a light pink embellished wool camisole from Express. It is embellished with lace and sequins along neckline. The material is 100% Acrylic Wool. I paid $20.83 including tax.

There are classic, long silk, blue silk Jacquard styles with adjustable straps. Available at Express

What can I say? A little clothing. A lot of charms.


Blogger this_girl_loves_the_80s said...

I wish Express sold these as a fall staple each year. I bought three of these same tops when they came out & two made of same fabric but dif. style top. I have spent so much time trying to find more of them. After three years four of them are still in great wearable condition - moths got to the other one. . .

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