Easy Halloween Recipe

Halloween is coming!!!!

The main colors of Halloween are orange, black and green. Using the right colors, you can make some delightful Halloween treats that will create a magical spirit over the holiday parties. :)

Here is a Halloween recipe that you can easily make in a few seconds.

All you need are: Kiwi, orange juice (or orange soda) and ice.

When I make this, I only have the yellow straw. If you want, serve with a black straw. It gives the "serious scary" touch on the drink.


Was anyone watching "My name is Earl" just now? Hilarous! The story is well written and fun to watch. In the end of the show, I believe that he mentioned there are 280+ more lists to work on. Looking forward to it!!!

Earl believes that do good things and good things will happen to you ... ... Nowadays, not many people believe in karma, but rather in material, power and control. May be that is why I feel attached to this show, because sometimes, you just can't find such a character and belief in real life. Or should I say, we prefer to believe that do bad things and bad things will not necessary come back to us?


Blogger Holly said...

This is great. I love all things halloween. It really needs to be a holiday doesn't it? I think I will try this. Thanks.

6:37 AM  

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