Roll with Me!!!

This is a dish that my mother taught me back home.

It is very simple to make. All you need are eggs, sugar and fish paste (as shown below). The fish paste already has the great favor, so you do not have to put any salt or other kind of seasoning.

You beat 5 eggs with little sugar, then fry the egg mixture to make a big round “egg pancake”. 5 eggs usually can make 2 sheets of egg wrappers.

After that, you roll the fish paste with the egg wrappers. Put on a plate and steam the rolls for approximately 7 minutes with medium heat.

You cut the rolls into pieces and decorate around the plate and serve hot.


Spicy shrimps with tomato sauce

I make "spicy shrimps with tomato sauce" quite frequently because it is just plain s-i-m-p-l-e!

Acutally, the combination of part (c+d+e+f) below can be substitued with a half can of diced tomatoes with juice. I prefer to make the sauce myself based on my taste preference.

By the way, I ate all the brocolli. Apparently, KK only paid the attention to the shrimps!

a. Vegetable oil or butter
b. 1 garlic clove, minced
c. 1 tomato, slices
d. 2 tablespoons sugar
e. 2 tablespoons tomato sauce
f. 1 cup of water
g. Dried chili powder (the portion is up to you)
h. Salt and ground pepper, to taste

1. Cook the garlic with vegetable oil, heat over medium.
2. Pour the shrimps.
3. When the shrimps are cooked, pour in c + d + e + f + g
4. In the end, add the amount of chili powder, salt and ground pepper that you prefer. Stir in the sauce.
5. Served hot.


Stuffed Tomato with Fried Rice

I made a plate of shrimp fried rice and stuffed the rice into a baked tomato.

Before that, I used a spoon and scoop out the content inside the big tomato. Then I baked the tomato with 400F for about 15 minutes.

The main ingredients of the shrimp fried rice are carrots, green onion, beaten eggs and of course, shrimps. The favor will depend on your taste preference. So, use your creativity and season with any sauce or seasoning that you like.

It does not have to be shrimp fried rice. You may add brocolli, pork or chicken into the fried rice. My tomato was quite big, so it took me a while to finsh the whole dish. !!! (-_-") !!!


The Fisherman's Wife Wishing Soup

Once upon a time, a young fisherman’s wife likes to put a seaweeds out of the soup surface.

The fisherman asks his wife.

She replies “The seaweeds represent that your ship will always sail on the sea which brings you resourceful fishes everyday”

The roasted seaweeds are ideal for making sushi as described in the picture or you can just eat it as snack.

Sometimes, I love to use for my soup as the seaweeds gives the tender sweetness to the soup. It somehow brings out the certain peaceful soul.

Now, allow me to enjoy my soup with peaceful mind.

Illo Friday-Fresh

An angel is painting the strawberry red.


Quick Appetizer

I made a dish with eggs, shrimps, and scallion. I beaten the mixture and add little salt, sugar and pepper into it. Put little oil on the frying pan and pan-fried it.


It is great to eat with soy sauce as appetizer.


My Set of Oriental Meal

The steam rice is served with chicken with potatoes. The chicken with potatoes dish is easily made as the following:
1. Marinate the chicken with teriyaki sauce or oyster sauce.
2. Put 1 spoon of vegetable oil, and then pour garlic pieces in.
3. Pan fry the chicken over medium heat. Add more teriyaki sauce(if you want).
4. Pour in the potatoes; little salt and little water, medium heat till the potatoes are soft.
5. Ready to serve with steam rice.

The meat stuffed lettuce dish is called “Mini Pork with lettuce wrap”.

Basically, I just mix the ground pork with scallion, onions, eggs, shrimps, soy sauce, honey and peanuts. Pan fry them with vegetable oil.

Serve with lettuce and sweet-and-sour sauce.


During the meal, KK only eats the pork. Well, he is a meat lover. He just doesn't eat much vegetables. I am very particular with the food. The reason it is called "mini pork with lettuce wrap", that means you eat with the lettuce. Okay, it is just not fun that I am the only one eats with lettuce.

"Would you please wrap it with the lettuce?"

"Later ..."

"It goes well with the lettuce, try ..."

(I can tell he is not very excited) ('~`)

So, I just go ahead and throw 1 piece of lettuce on his plate.

"Here you go, wrap it and eat. You never try, you never ..."

Before I even finish the sentence. He scoops it with his spoon and eat it.

"Why didn't you wrap it?"

"See, I ate the whole thing!"

-The End-


Outdoor Cook- Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

My dinner last night was called “steak with black pepper sauce”.

My steak was marinated with basil leaves, thyme and oregano a night before.

The sauce is an easy making process. I put the coarsely ground black pepper and beef stock into the boiling water (a cup). Season the sauce with salt or any wine (depends on your own favor). Pour some onion slices into the sauce. Finally, add butter in to thicken the sauce. It adds little richness to the sauce.

This was the first time we grill the steak ourselves. He wanted his steak medium rare. However, he grilled it too “well done”. But, it was not too dry as it still spilled some steak “juice” when we cut it. After we grilled the steaks, we put the black pepper sauce on top of the steaks.

I said to my boyfriend, “Well done!” to his effort and also the way he grilled the steaks mistakenly … (*~*)


Spaghetti with Chicken and Red Bell Pepper Sauce

Sometimes, I have the urge to eat something taste healthy and less oil for me. So, I make a spaghetti dish with light white sauce.

Chicken and red bell pepper sauce:
Stir fry the garlic with olive oil and pour in the white meats (cut chicken breast into slices). Mix in a small cup of chicken broth. Then, season with black pepper, cilantro, salt, and sugar. Cut the red bell pepper into slices, tossed into the sauce.

Final step:
Mix the cooked spaghetti well with the chicken sauce.

Pass some Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on the spaghetti.

* I ran out of cheese, so I put carrot instead, sorry \(^~^)p


Easy Halloween Recipe

Halloween is coming!!!!

The main colors of Halloween are orange, black and green. Using the right colors, you can make some delightful Halloween treats that will create a magical spirit over the holiday parties. :)

Here is a Halloween recipe that you can easily make in a few seconds.

All you need are: Kiwi, orange juice (or orange soda) and ice.

When I make this, I only have the yellow straw. If you want, serve with a black straw. It gives the "serious scary" touch on the drink.


Was anyone watching "My name is Earl" just now? Hilarous! The story is well written and fun to watch. In the end of the show, I believe that he mentioned there are 280+ more lists to work on. Looking forward to it!!!

Earl believes that do good things and good things will happen to you ... ... Nowadays, not many people believe in karma, but rather in material, power and control. May be that is why I feel attached to this show, because sometimes, you just can't find such a character and belief in real life. Or should I say, we prefer to believe that do bad things and bad things will not necessary come back to us?


Notes from My Kitchen- Mars Style Fish Meatballs

A scattering of freshly cilantro adds a welcome layer of flavor to many dishes, such as this dish here I made today, called “Mars style Fish meatballs”. The essence of oyster sauce, red wine and garlic surround the pink fish meatballs, resulting in juicy and tender mouthful of feelings!!!!

This is the converstion me and my boyfriend had during the meal.

Him: " What do you call this dish?"
Me: "Mars Style Fish Meatballs"
Him: "Why?"
Me:"Because the meatballs look like Mars... it is red and sounds cute..."
Him: "Volcano style sounds more better"
Me: "I like Mars" (starting to feel annoyed by him)
Him:"Mars sounds lame for me ..."
Me: "the meatballs look like Mars"
Him: "Well, people will feel more excited to eat something more extravagant like "volcano""
Me: "For god sake, it is just a name for me to put on my blog! "

Now, I do feel like an exploding volcano :(

illustration Friday- Escape

When I was a kid, I want to grow up fast so that I can eat all the candies I want.

Now, I can eat whatever I want but I miss the precious thing I had in the childhood- worries free.

Escape? Where to?

Take a moment to relax, then go back and face your problem with your head high. Life goes on.


Garlic Pepper Grilled Chicken Wings

Today, we BBQ a specialty, called "Garlic Pepper Chicken Wings".

Basically, you marinate the chicken wings with garlic, pure ground black pepper, BBQ sauce, sesame oil, salt and sugar.

Look how nice the colors they turn out, beautifully dressed wings! The colors make our fingers looking and licking good!


Harvest of The Treat

Summer is coming to the end. But, dessert will never stop coming to my way.

This is a combination of fruits, chocolate cake and vanilla ice creams.

It is always simple to decorate the ice cream with your favorite fruits. I put strawberries right beside the ice cream. When you eat the ice cream with the strawberries, you actually taste the refreshing blend of both authentic favors instantly.

Anyone can make their own celebrity version of dessert with the colorful fruits available in any grocery store. Make it today! Pamper yourself after a long week of work ...


Notes from My Kitchen - Chicken Recipes

My Dinner for A day is a cup of soup and grilled chicken dish with super fine sauce.

(A) The Soup
- is roasted chicken with long grain and wild rice from Campbell’s Select (as shown in the picture).
- I beat an egg into the soup as you might notice from the picture.

(B) Chicken Breast with Mushroom-styled Pasta Sauce
- the sauce for the grilled chicken breast is a blend of onions and garlic chunky pasta sauce from Wal-Mart, tomato, scallion, mushroom and garlic.

Steps to make the sauce:
1. Sauté the mushroom in olive oil with a little garlic, over medium heat.
2. Pour tomato pieces and the pasta sauce.
3. Finally, add scallion and stir fry the mixture till it mixes thoroughly.
4. Pour the sauce on top of the grilled chicken breast.

Marinate the chicken breast with little salt, ground pepper, honey and lemon juice for hours to add more exotic essence.


"Express" Shopping

Main Reasons for a sexy camisole:
1. Women feel sexy and good in those great camisoles,
2. Men are crazy for women who is mysteriously sexy in camisole.

Last weekend, I bought a light pink embellished wool camisole from Express. It is embellished with lace and sequins along neckline. The material is 100% Acrylic Wool. I paid $20.83 including tax.

There are classic, long silk, blue silk Jacquard styles with adjustable straps. Available at Express

What can I say? A little clothing. A lot of charms.


Oh, Dessert, Where Are You?

I like reading. But, I love reading pictures more. That is why I bought a dessert cooking book online. I was attracted by the smoking beautiful appearance of the desserts. These desserts are specialties from various coffee houses in Japan. Their decoration skill is absolutely eye catching! My appetite has already been boost when I see the different recipe page by page.

Suddenly, I feel that a *really* nice dessert can be overwhelming to end a simple meal with a full bliss of satisfaction.


illo friday- Depth

"What is the depth of the blue sky?"
"It is unlimited high"
"like what?"
"like ... our dreams?"

Love for Tomatoes

Every Saturday morning, a fresh food market is held at downtown. Once in a while, I will go there to shop some fresh fruits and vegetables. Well, I love tomatoes. With the radiant reddish tomatoes, I make salad, tomatoes soup, pizza etc. So, I do not forget to grab some big tomatoes to feed myself and my friends!


More than Just a Noodles

I crave for noodles very much.

This exquisite noodles dish are created to sooth the soul. It took me 30 minutes to make it; I guess it is time worthy.

The recipe of this egg noodle soup has crab meat, carrots, fish balls, tomatoes, homemade meat balls and eggs. The flavor is mainly shrimp paste plus oyster sauce.

1. Boil the water with medium heat to a boil, add shrimp paste, oyster sauce, pinch of salt, sugar and little ground black pepper, dried chilies (optional).
2. Pour crab meats, fish balls, homemade meat balls, tomatoes and carrots.
3. As soon as the soup is boiled again, pour egg noodles.
4. To serve, you can put boiled eggs and green onion pieces on top of the noodles soup.


Spa? To Go, Please?

I ran out of bath salts ….

I purchased these 2 goodies from Target. Both items are from “Chinese Herbal Therapy”, the big purple chinese word means "water".

The bottle is anti stress bath soak that contains extract of Chinese rose, valerian and ginseng. Wow … Now, I feel like a princess! (*Smile*)

The Chinese to-go container design is really cute! It contains bath salts that are made of lotus and green tea which claim to turn any bath into a spa-like experience! The bath salts give the just-right relaxing and fresh aroma.


The Swirly Cake

My breakfast today is this chocolate swirly cake. It is spongy soft and creamy bittersweet.

No matter how bad this week has been, take a good bite to make your new day a piece of cake!!!

Thank god is Friday!

The Naked Chef - Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, a cheerful British lad is a pop icon. I would describe him as a David Beckham who is marvelous on the kitchen floor. Young girls are crazy about his look and personality. His cooking show “Naked Chef” is popular in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and others. He is famous in preparing his recipes with the family-friendly theme of value for money and his great personality.

A friend’s favorite cooking book is Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Kitchen. She said that she just love to look at the mouth-watering foods and his joyful smile. So, we are not surprise that she put the book nicely in the bedroom. What can I say, a good cooking book with a charming chef can make our simple life more interesting, don't you think so?


New Passion for The Bubble Tea

Recently, I love the bubble tea which is originated from Taiwan. The bubble tea is also known as boba drink, or pearl tea drink. The drink is made by shaking the tea and the flavor and mixed with tapioca pearls that are chewy.

The purple color is Taro root flavored and the yellow one is mango flavored.

You definitely feel good of having one in the evening. Try it now!


An Elegant Cell Phone Strap from Korea

This is an exclusive cell phone strap made in Korea. It is a violet Korean drum with red strings attached around its edge. I love the unique sense of culture reflected from its color combination.

A Little Gift from Korea

Yesterday, I received this adorable gift from a Korean friend .... ....

This silky purse is decorated with pink and light violet flowers with shinning golden lines.

Absolutely gorgeous.

The Bunny Sweets

The candies in my closet are these chewy and creamy candies which are wrapped with vivid, decorative green paper.


The Most Amazing Rice Crackers

These are my favorites!

I usually shop for them whenever I go to the oriental market.

It really tastes good.

Homemade Wontons

Today, I made myself a BIG bowl of warm wonton soup!

The recipe of the wonton: 1lbs of ground pork, shrimps in pieces, soy sauce, 1 pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, some ground pepper, carrot in fine pieces(optional) and your passion of cooking!

This can make my meals for a day.


My Alone Times

Sometimes, I like to go to downtown and bought a cup of warm coffee. Then, I sit at the coffee house or in the park. After a busy week of work and study, I really need some alone times. While sitting with my coffee in my hands, I enjoy watching people walking by, imagine what kind of lives they have, the birds, the whispering of trees and the breeze that is beautiful in movement...

Sometimes, I just can't help myself wondering about the job or homeworks... balance sheets, income statements, marketing strategies, database system ... ...


Friends, Tea and Memory

Today, a friend from other city travelled a long way to visit me. We chatted about our past memory in college(undergrad). We laughed about the little adventures that we had back then. The tea that she brought (I forgot what it is called) smells refreshing and makes me feel like surrounded by peace and nature.

It is super relaxing moment, no stress, no worry. Just 2 friends, sharing our life experience with laugh and tears ... ... precious.


Illustration Friday- Roots

For me, root represents the origin of everything. Little thing can be a great thing for some of us. So, be happy whenever you can ... by Lora


When My Addiction Turn Worse

What a bad day... I accidentally cut my toe. I had to put on a bandage before it bleeds like a river. Now, I still feel the pain when I walk around the apartment.

KK always tease my other little toes because their nails are short that they seem to hide from you. Meaning, I have tendency to cut my toe nails real short. I do not know why I always do that, it is like an addiction, I believe.


Sensational Fall Season

When fall is coming, the leaves are turning reddish orange and they start falling. It symbolizes the ending of someone’s story. That is how I feel. Fall is beautiful but it brings out certain sensational sadness that is hidden in my heart. I personally do not like rainy or cloudy day. It just makes me sad (I do not know why). Without doubt, one of my friends advises me that the last place I want to be would be Seattle.

The cup in the picture is my favorite. Whenever I need some comfort, I make coffee in that big cup, big enough to warm my face(and my heart) when I drink it slowly.

Meanwhile, the post-Katrina floods in New Orleans is an endless sad stories. I pray that everyone there stays strong.