The Tale of Hunting a Mouse

In the past few weeks, I have discovered an intruder in my apartment eating my bread at night. It is a mouse that eats through the bread plastic cover and takes a few bites off the bread.

Since then, I put my fresh bread in the cooking pot with the cover on top. Under this roof, either I or the mice can survive. Without much hesitation, I quickly go to Wal-mart to buy a mouse trap# 1. However, it does not work at all! So, I move to second mouse trap. I put it on my kitchen floor for 2 weeks! It traps nothing. Amazingly, the peanut butter on the mouse trap is gone. I start to wonder “Am I dealing with a super genius mouse here?” Eew …

For me, the last resort is the mouse poison because I do not want the mouse die in a mysterious place in my apartment producing nauseating odor. As you can tell, I have no choice. I carefully put the pink mouse poison pills on every corner in the kitchen. I lock my bunny in her cage so that she will not eat the pink deadly pills accidentally.

You will not believe where I discover the dead body of the mouse in million years. A week later, the mouse dies in front of my bedroom door! I almost step on it when I wake up in the morning!

Now, I feel guilty whenever I see Mickey Mouse.


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