My Big Fat Chocolates

These days, you may not want to eat too much ice cream or chocolates because you want to look good. Or, heck, you do not care about your figure and you just want to taste the sugar frosting. Irresistible chocolates are like a party in your mouth. For “The Omaha Chocolate Company”, art is the ultimate expression of life. That is why their chocolates are decorated with love and colors, just like our lives.

Yesterday, we went to “The Omaha Chocolate Company” which my friend has been recommended to me for quite a while.

Their chocolates are absolutely delicate and rich in flavors. We bought the 9-pieces package. I personally choose the ones with Tiramisu favors. My friend chooses some with the peanut butter favor (like the cow figure in the picture).

Gotta love the bite on those mouthwatering treats!


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