Even Dunkin Donuts Would Never Make you Laugh This Hard

Are you insanely falling in love with donuts?

Here are other rare donuts dolls that you may check it out. When I first saw these adorable donut dolls, I almost burst into laugh. They are so cute and funny!!!!

These cuties are carried by Morning Craft Online Store. Everything is made by scratch. They also make multi-themed hand bags and clothing.

Available at www.morningcraft.com


Blogger jeaux janovsky said...

thanks for the comment, lol, i like yr blog!

2:40 AM  
Blogger riah said...

Actually, those donuts are made by hedi at www.mypapercrane.com ! She has tons of really amazing stuff, even a toilet paper doll! Check it out! :)

6:06 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

you've got a great blog! i just watched American Splendor, and now after coming across your blog i'm inspired to start some illustrations, too...it looks like a good stress reliever. you've got a new reader! ;)

11:33 AM  

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