What I Got from a Garage Sale?!?

Last weekend, I went to a garage sale at the nearby neighborhood. And, I bought this black wooden chair. It is adorable and I called it as love at first sight. I love its simple design. It is black, that means it will not get dirty easily. I am going to put it in my living room as a little coffee table!


Hello Kitty Mania

For those of you who like Hello Kitty, this is the right post for you to enjoy.

While online shopping as usual, the most unforgettable treasure hunt for today is Hello Kitty’s lip gross and eye liners! The playful spirit is captured in the cap of the lips gross.

Absolutely cute and the Hello Kitty face would cheer you up when you make up yourself in the morning for a brand new day.

Found at http://www.dakypower.com/

First Day at School

I am anxious to attend my first day of class to meet my new class mates and look forwards to a new semester of exciting adventures. On another hand, I hate doing homeworks. I hate the pressure of preparing for the exams.

In conclusion, I hate going to school. At least, what I can do is to pray that I will not meet a crazy lecturer or an intelligent classmate who does not listen to your opinion.


Mainstream Notebook in Ferrari Colors with AMD Processor

When is the last time you saw a Ferrari ... laptop?

Based on the new 64-bit technology, the Ferrari 4000 from Acer features advanced graphics capabilities, wide-screen display and wireless connectivity. Powerful, dark and purposeful.

Available at http://us.acer.com


Danger! A Hot Noodle Soup

What a tired night. I just got back from restaurant- my weekend part time job is a waitress(so that you know:)).

I am lazy to cook... so, I decided to cook simply which would be some instant noodles, hot and spicy soup noodles. Before I eat it, I took a picture of it so that you know how poor I am(sigh).

While eating it, I decorate the picture on my pc. Haaa... it is fun drawing stuff on the noodles!

If you have not notice it yet, that was me fishing near the bowl, ok?

After such a hot noodles soup, no one can stop me from taking a good night sleep. Hmmm... except Boston cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.

Illustration Friday- Dreams


Zoo trip -2

When we first got to the zoo, we decided to watch the IMAX 3D film because it was raining outside.

The 3D film that we watched was “Wild Safari 3D” which is filmed in South Africa.

For the first half part of the movie, I was getting dizzy that I had to close my eyes. It is little different than the IMAX film that I watched in Universal Studio’s. My head was spinning that I kept closing my eyes and persuaded myself not to have headache.

That was a long, long, long moment. When we got out of the theatre, we got headache and one of my friends wanted to vomit (thank god he did not vomit over my lap). I even heard a guy behind me complaining about his headache.


My Big Fat Chocolates

These days, you may not want to eat too much ice cream or chocolates because you want to look good. Or, heck, you do not care about your figure and you just want to taste the sugar frosting. Irresistible chocolates are like a party in your mouth. For “The Omaha Chocolate Company”, art is the ultimate expression of life. That is why their chocolates are decorated with love and colors, just like our lives.

Yesterday, we went to “The Omaha Chocolate Company” which my friend has been recommended to me for quite a while.

Their chocolates are absolutely delicate and rich in flavors. We bought the 9-pieces package. I personally choose the ones with Tiramisu favors. My friend chooses some with the peanut butter favor (like the cow figure in the picture).

Gotta love the bite on those mouthwatering treats!

Google Blogger for Word add-on

Blogger has recently introduced a new feature called "Blogger for Word". It allows you to use Blogger within Microsoft Word.

Last night, I installed the Word add-in into my desktop. It only takes a few seconds, unbelievably fast and easy! I found it very convenient to publish my blog as well as edit my post. Unfortunately, it does not establish the feature of uploading picture files from my desktop because I personally like to include colorful image to go along with my post.

I believe that Google will continue to advance the Word add-in as the way they improve the Blogger. I will wait patiently ... and hope that my dream will come soon ...

Zoo Trip- Part 1

One Saturday, we went to Omaha's Henry-Doorly Zoo.

Before heading to the zoo, we stopped by a nearby Panera Bread for light breakfast. I ordered a tuna sandwiches and a cup of mango –flavored hot tea. I sipped the tea too fast, and got my tongue burnt like hell!!!

Apparently, I am a person who seldom drink hot beverage.. forgive my carelessness ...


Tommy Lee Goes to College

How did I spend my Tuesday night? Here is how ... ...

Want to read more about Tommy Lee's reality show?Here is the local news:


Now, Crying Makes Less Painful

A special gift from a special friend *

A friend who is moving to other country just gave me this gift with a little pink card that she wrote"Dear Lora,When I am leaving, I hope that this gorgeous gift would make you crying less. Be strong and I will always miss you ...Love, Joanna"

The gift is a Tiki head tissue box cover.


When Gasoline Prices Soar ...

I just read the news about the increasing gas price on Yahoo. I remember the gas price was $2.00 per gallon 2 years ago. Now, it is probably going to push to $3 per gallon. The news suggest using scooter which is more economical.

I was thinking to borrow my neighbors' dogs, just for a while.

The Naked Boy Statue and The Mischievous Frog

Kansas City trip continues ... ...

I took this picture right beside the Starbuck's coffee shop located at Country Club Plaza. Every person who passes by this statue will definitely laugh their hearts out! LOL!


Dimsum, The Fear Factor Style- Part 3

Yes, you are reading "chicken feets". Not artificial or fake name. It is real chicken feets cooked with delicious sauce.

I always heard people told me that they dare not to eat the chicken feets because the chicken feets do not wear shoes. Then, I yelled "No animal wears shoes!"

So, I will tell my friends "This is fear factor style! Try it!"

Hey, at least there are cooked, ok?

Dimsum(=Chinese Breakfast) Part 1

The chinese restaurant that we went called "Pine and Bamboo Garden" located at 10915 West 63rd St, Shawnee, KS 66203.

Each server will push a cart of different kinds of dimsum to each table, then you get to choose the flavor that you like.

My friend, KK could not stop ordering whenever he saw the dimsum passing by us. Me? I could not stop pouring the food into my mouth.

Please pardon me for a moment, I am getting a little hungry now... I need to go to grab something to eat.

Dim Sum (=Chinese Breakfast) Part 2

The advantages of having dimsum is that a dimsum usually has 3 pieces of a kind. Therefore, you get to taste different kinds of flavors little by little.

My favorite is the sharkfin dumplings, it tastes fresh and delicious( I think ... I am getting hungry now)

The Connection Between the Dead Bugs and Windshield

On the way to Kansas City, countless bugs suicide by hitting our car windshield.

50% of the deadbugs are the stupid ones which thinks that it is fun to hit the windshield.
20% of the deadbugs are heart broken or got dumped by their lovers, choose to suicide.
30% of the deadbugs are blindfold by my beauty and accidentally hit the windshield . (Come on! I know the face that you just put on... it is not nice, you know)


The Winner is Paige!

The answer of Guess Contest on August 12 is a stapler.

The winner with the earliest arrival time is Paige Keiser!(http://paigekeiser.typepad.com/fox_in_sox/)

Hooray, congratulation to Paige!!!

For the next Guess Contest, please click Here!

The Tale of Hunting a Mouse

In the past few weeks, I have discovered an intruder in my apartment eating my bread at night. It is a mouse that eats through the bread plastic cover and takes a few bites off the bread.

Since then, I put my fresh bread in the cooking pot with the cover on top. Under this roof, either I or the mice can survive. Without much hesitation, I quickly go to Wal-mart to buy a mouse trap# 1. However, it does not work at all! So, I move to second mouse trap. I put it on my kitchen floor for 2 weeks! It traps nothing. Amazingly, the peanut butter on the mouse trap is gone. I start to wonder “Am I dealing with a super genius mouse here?” Eew …

For me, the last resort is the mouse poison because I do not want the mouse die in a mysterious place in my apartment producing nauseating odor. As you can tell, I have no choice. I carefully put the pink mouse poison pills on every corner in the kitchen. I lock my bunny in her cage so that she will not eat the pink deadly pills accidentally.

You will not believe where I discover the dead body of the mouse in million years. A week later, the mouse dies in front of my bedroom door! I almost step on it when I wake up in the morning!

Now, I feel guilty whenever I see Mickey Mouse.


Every Month, I Barely Survive ...

Today, I have my menstrual cramp. I lay on my bed, suffering the pain for almost 2 hours. It was so painful that I had to take 2 tablets of Tylenol pain relief pills.

After 30 minutes, the cramp started to disappear. I barely walked.

Does it have to be that painful to be a woman?

My Bed Frame is Boxes from Walmart

I Hate Comment Spammers, Referrer Spammers!

For those who are sincerely reading my blog, I would like to thank you for your wonderful comments. At the mean time, I am frustrated to find several comment spammers or referrer spammers vandalizing my blog!

Furious, furious and furious.

I even deleted some of the spammers’ comments. Constant checking and deleting those spam comments are annoying! I want to hit them with my keyboard!


My Boring Diary- Cleaning Bathroom

Free Shipping on Avon Products before August 31

Today, I received a promotion email from Avon. I guess may be some of you are interested in getting some new smoking looks for the Fall arrival with great bargain.

Avon also offers free shipping at this moment. To qualify for the free shipping, the coupon code is SHOP2005

Available at Avon August'05 Sale

Here are some cool makeup products on sale!

Fabulous Florals Eyeshadow (price: $6.00 -> $2.49) Link

PERFECT WEAR All-Day Comfort Lipstick SPF 12 (price: $8.00 -> $3.95)

PERFECT WEAR Makeup Remover(price: $6.00 -> $3.95)
Gentle, opthamologist-tested makeup removal is suitable for eyes and face. 5 fl. oz.

Carnelian Earrings for Good Luck

I have a friend who never believe in luck. She never buy a single lottery ticket or participate in any lucky draw contest. She does not mind walking under the ladder. We always call her "The Lucky Chaser".

So, do you believe in luck?

For those who believe in luck, then you should continue reading this post.

Envie creations are exclusive and handmade with genuine metals andgems. The materials used include semi-precious and precious gemstones,sterling (.925) silver and 14k gold-filled.

This earrings is made by 14K gold, Aventurine and Carnelian. Carnelian is popular for its power in enhancing one’s career success. According to old time legends, many kings wish for the power of Carnelian to achieve success and fortunes.

Let this set of smoking reddish orange earrings bring you great charm and fortune.

Available at www.enviejewelry.com

Falling, Washing and Amazing- Faucet Culture

Very happy with your new faucet? Wait until you see this brand new faucet produced by KWC Faucet.

As shown in the picture above, the water will glide along the glass dish into the sink. Its inspired by the movement of water fall. It is sensational and smoking cool!

If you cannot afford to buy it, may be you could put a glass dish(that you have not use for century) right below your old faucet. :)

More details? http://www.kwcfaucets.com


Think Calvin Klein Summer Deal

Every retailer is unloading their racks to make room for the fall arrivals.

So, what is it good to us? Sales, sales, sales and more bargains!

Today’s scoop is Calvin Klein men shirt on Amazon.com.

60% off the Calvin Klein Supima Cotton Dress Shirt – Point Collar - Now $17.00 only
Plus FREE shipping!

Buy one for your man, let him know that you also shop for him while shopping for some handbags for yourself. :)

See more colors and shirt designs at Amazon


Esprit Online Summer Clearance Sale-70%!!!

Esprit US online store is having big summer sale!
Clearance is now up to 70%. The handbags and shoes also have discount from 30% to 70%.

Beside that, free shipping on $30 or more and,
Free returns (easy, hassle-free return within 14 days after receipt).

Isn't it something??!?!? or what?

Must look of the clearance sale:
A black wrapped shirt (PQ3657) - from original price $49.00 to $14.70 -*my favorite find*
A 3 button blazer (QQ3061) - from original price $139.00 to $41.70
A wrap sweater (OS0599) - from original price $39.00 to $11.70

Shop the “clearance” section now at http://www.espritshop.com/index_us.htm


illo Friday- Wisdom

The wisdom which comes from our teachers always full with love, patience and meaning.


A Special Ice Cream for Your Special Weekend

Recall, if you will, what kind of ice cream favor you brought home from your last grocery. Do you want to try something new?

Last night, we went to a Japanese restaurant and tried one of their desserts called “Mochi Ice Cream” with Mango favor.

Their shapes were like the ping pong ball size, may be smaller than that. The texture is so different from the regular ice cream that you normally taste. Its outer skin reserves the fresh mango flavored ice cream that is creamy inside.

7 exotic favors are chocolate, green tea, mango, kona coffee, red bean, vanilla and strawberry.

Available at local Asian grocery stores and Amazon-Gourmet section.
For more info, please go to http://www.mikawayausa.com/


Even Dunkin Donuts Would Never Make you Laugh This Hard

Are you insanely falling in love with donuts?

Here are other rare donuts dolls that you may check it out. When I first saw these adorable donut dolls, I almost burst into laugh. They are so cute and funny!!!!

These cuties are carried by Morning Craft Online Store. Everything is made by scratch. They also make multi-themed hand bags and clothing.

Available at www.morningcraft.com


* Weekly Guess Contest *

Rules of the game:

1. Guess the object of the picture above.
2. Email your answer and your blog address (optional) to kopipals@yahoo.com by Aug 20.
3. An answer for one email.
4. The correct answer with the earliest arrival time will be the winner.
5. The winner will be notified via email or on my blog.
6. Start guessing and send me the email now!

The winner will receive one pair of SONY MDR-E828LP Stereo Headphones
Sponsored by Capitolrevenue @ eBay


A Must for Sleeping Beauty

I have never seen such beautifully designed sleep masks before. Diverse styles and colors are used dominantly so that you still look perfectly charming even you wake up from the bed in the morning.

All the sleep masks are padded with 100% natural unbleached cotton and have a pure silk back of a coordinated color. Each has a thin, lace-like elastic strap of a matching color.

Available at Crisnotti Shop

Sexy Samsung Cell phone for Pretty Women

At last, colorful cell phones for females! Hooray! No more dull black or silver colored cell phones.

On July 27, Samsung HK promotes their brand new Anycall She Phone E568 (SGH-E568) which pleasantly brings out the feminine charm. Samsung Anycall She Phone E568 provides elegant style and the graceful tone which represents the most popular fashion and colors for women.

Because of its trendy special look, She Phone E568 can be paired easily with any fashion wear. There are 3 colors which are She allures (purple pink), She bounces(orange) and She dreams (pure white).

Which one you like the most?

Dress Cell Phone with Kangaroo Pouch

Want more cell phone pouches? Now, you have it.

The universal cell phone pouch brand made by Hypergear inc called “Kangaroo” has various gorgeous design and colors. The feminine cell phone pouch designs consist of exotic wildlife look, vividly painted flora, trendy city girls’ style, elegant night out design and others. You can easily find one that matches your personalities.

The Kangaroo universal cell phone pouch can be worn conveniently over the shoulder, around your neck, attached to your hand bag, around your waist, on your belt, attached to your belt loop, or even on your arm with a Velcro fastening armband while running or working out.

Available at eBay and http://www.hypergearonline.com/home.php?cat=75

Other cell phone pouches? Here


Sexy Naughty paNTY

These are *not* your Granny's panties! Packaged in a devilishly gift cigar box.

This red-hot panty set includes three smoking styles:
Pinup girl in a red devil suit on cotton-candy pink
Smiling devil boy on apricot with red trim Red hearts
Pink skull graphic on black

Made of a cotton/spandex blend for a super comfy and super-sexy fit, they're sure to show off your extra-fine behind!

Available at www.target.com


Easy Organic Gardening at your Dorm Room

As seen in Bon Appetit and Time Magazine!

Organic Gardens-in-a-Bag offer a living memento of your good wishes that will last for a very long time. The best part is that they are so easy to grow -- right in the leak-proof bag at anytime of the year! They are ideal in sitting on a windowsill, in your coffee table or under a desk lamp.

It is very easy to grow it. Just mix the enclosed tin of seed into the bag, add water and watch it grow.
Other herbs include Basil, Oregano, Italian Parsley and Chives, Viola, Good Luck, Lavender, Alpine Strawberry and Mini-Tomato.

Annoying Error Code

Today, I spent several hours updating my template and buttons. Mentally, I am exchausted. After I have finished most of the design modification, an error message shows at the left bottom corner of the page. I kept searching every line of the code and test every code. Still, the "Error" word kept hanging there. Without any luck, I copied the whole codes to another blog. I deleted each possible error code and refresh the blog.

All of the sudden, the error is gone! Hooray!

It was an incomplete Javascript code.

Sometimes, I just hate the tiny annoying error that keeps you mentally sick!

For every hardworking programmer out there, cheers for you all! We really need you ...


Illo Firday- Empty

My intepretation of empty
Originally uploaded by allshewants.

Just drew with my feeling ... ...

A story about this girl named Emily.

*Please click on the picture for more actions*


How to make it longer?

I love Friday night. Friday night is the night when I can relax at downtown, hang out with friends and not thinking about my work. I always look forward for the coming Friday. Happy time.

When it was almost 11pm at night, I was still chatting with my friend via Yahoo messenger. My friend was sleepy and going to bed soon. But, I told her that I was not sleepy yet.

She teased " Are you sure you are not sleepy or you are just afraid that Saturday is coming?"

May be both. Wait... may be it is more to the second one. I hate it when she is right.

Snoopy in My Refrigerator

Every kid wants a dog just like Snoopy.

How could any of us ever forget Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang? :)

Besides seeing Snoopy on newspaper or comics book, Snoopy is around us always. There are millions of accessories that have Snoopy face on each of them. One of the interesting products I saw is the red hot Snoopy headphones. Another product is the Snoopy microwave (in blue)!

We can actually find more interesting Snoopy items by browsing eBay auctions! It is amazing to see how varieties they are.

*I use the refrigerator background to symbolize the long memory of snoopy stories.*


Travel with Japanese Paper Soap

Today is Fashion Thursday~

This is what I discover while online shopping- “Japanese Paper Soap”.

Quite interesting! It is called “Cheeky Chimp Japanese Paper Soap”. When you apply water on it to wash your hands, it will dissolve into bubble soap. It also leaves nice cherry blossom fragrance on your hands.

The package includes 50 sheets of soap paper.
Package size: 3.25”W x 2.63”H x 0.125”D


Back to school Promotion: Dell PC in August

Now, everywhere is back-to-school discount and promotion. For example, Wal-mart implements their advertisement vividly on Yahoo front page by using colorful and fun banner. So as the giant PC manufacturer, DELL.

Just after dinner, I read my today mails and discover some great deals from Dell catalog in August. One that really catches my eyes is the Dimension 3000 which comes with free 15 inches LCD monitor. If you have the $200 mail-in-debate, the original cost $699 will be reduced to $499 only.

Dimension 3000 series:
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
$200 mail-in-rebate
90 Days Ltd Warranty, 90 Days At-Home Service, and 90 Days Technical Support
512MB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz
80GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
Single Drive: 48x CD-RW Drive
FREE UPGRADE! 15 in (15.0 in viewable) E153FP Analog Flat Panel
Integrated Audio
Dell Quietkey Keyboard and Dell Optical USB Mouse

For more details about the deal?
Go to: http://www.dell.com/aug
In E-value code section, enter 6F899-D50804P

Good luck in shopping your dream computer. Good nite!

** I do not guarantee for the accuracy of the information above.Thus, for further information, please read the product information on Dell website carefully.


Add a Beautiful European Light in your Home

Recently, I came across with Tord Boontje’s hand made lights. Extraordinary and a bit fairy tale sensed. They are so beautiful that I want to write about it on today's blog.

I like the one called “Wednesday Light Extended”. Its color is the combination of mysterious purple and sea blue. The texture is very elegant and special as he uses simple flora designs.

Another flora designed light is called “Garland”, the color is silver. The light is shorter than the “Wednesday Light Extended”. It is 1.6 meter long metal garland of flowers that can be wrapped around a light bulb. It is also available in gold color.

For more information, please go to http://www.tordboontje.com/


Taste of the soap

Do these soaps look too cute to be used?!?!?!

Some of them actually look like desserts. I wonder if the designers are too hungry while designing the soaps.

Green Dots- Square soaps from The Body Shop.
Blue Dots- Adorable natural soaps from Lush Cosmetics (You can actually purchase them from Amazon).
Pink Dot- The frog soap is from crabtree and evelyn. ( They also have hen-shaped soap).
Yellow Dot- Men's Soap-On-A-Rope from Avon. (Men use soaps too!)