Thought of the week

One day, I shop as usual in a grocery store.

Out of no where, a boy is crying.

“Mommy, I want this plane!!!”

The mom looks back to her son and takes the plane toy away. Then, she continues to shop for her stuff. The boy cries behind her back. She just ignores him and keeps walking away.

They disappear after they turn into another aisle.

When I am on the way out of the grocery store to my car, I saw the mother and the son are playing a plane that is fold with a piece of paper … … The moment between a mom and son is precious. It is meaningful.

They make me to remember the time when I was a kid. Looking up to my mom and beg her to buy a toy for me. But, she always said” I do no have enough money. Go play with other things, ok?”

So, I, my sister and brothers, as a kid, play with sands, rocks. We built pet house with rocks and shoe boxes. We fished at the river. We catch bugs. We play with home made toys. I can’t really remember what kind of toys we made. I remember no toy, but only memory of fun. We play with what we had. My mom and my generation grow up with not many material stuff.

When I now buy gift for my little niece, I always think that “What do I want her to remember with?”


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