Summer Care for your skin

When it comes to summer season, it is important to go out and without worrying your skin from the sun damage at the same time. We know that summer hot causes our skin dehydrating and the skin moisture becomes uneven which later causes skin problems.

There are many ways to protect your body from sun from head to toes. These are my favorites for summer:

I found that most people do not really put much passion to their hairs. Do you know that your hair actually is powerful enough to manipulate people’s first impression to you? Without proper protection, spending much times under the sun will make your hair becomes dry and deadly unattractive.

Favorites: #1 Healthy Shine Serum from Clinique. $15.50

To have a flawless face, you need to clean your face daily so that your face obtains the proper nourishments and moistures. I have a combination type face. So, I personally prefer cleansing gel that list impurities while helping to control shine and blemish. Also, I love cleanser that leaves my face clean and fresh with nice fragrance. Its refreshing smell just leave you feel fabulous about yourself.

Favorites: #2 Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash from the Body Shop, $11.50.

What is more refreshing that having your whole body to feel spoiled after a gentle shower? After a day under the sun exposing to other environmental factors, you should take a refreshing bath to nourish your body. Bath scrub is helpful to remove dead skin and dirt. Later, apply your body with shower gel to wash away fatigue.

Favorites: #3 Purely Silk Salt Scrub from Bath & Body Works. $18.50.
Oceanus Bath and Shower Gel (6.75 fl. oz.) from the Body Shop. $10.00.


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