The pleasure for your toes!

One thing I love to shop during summer is sandals. Doesn’t matter what you wear, a pair of nice sandals is a great way to “make up” your feet.

A nice sandal not only looks pretty outside, but it has to be comfortable to your feet too. Your feet connect you with nature. The sandals can tell stories as their unique designs give you insight of the nature beauty secretly. When you are walking along the beach, your feet feel the breeze and the wave. When you walk through the grass, your toes catch the refreshing breath from the flora. When you walk on the busy street in New York, you know that your sandals will follow every footstep you take, no question asks.

So, what kind of story do your sandals tell you?

Gallery sources-
1 from Gap.
2 from Banana Republic.
3 from Ann Taylor Loft.



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