My hair cut

At last, I cut my hair short. Cut away the stress and boredom.

It is true that new hair cut gives you a new fresh image to feel good about yourself. Is it an illusion? I am not sure. But, I am sure that it does make you feel different and new. When you look at yourself in the mirror, have you ever wonder who you are and what is your life purpose?
I did. Having a new hair cut, it did make me wonder a lot more.

A boyish short hair makes me want to be tough and independent. A long straight hair covers me with mysteries and gentleness. Now, from a long hair to a shoulder length hair, I feel refreshing and young (mentally :)).

I hope you feel the same to your hair too. You do not have to be blond to love your hair. The color and the texture of your hair represent your uniqueness and identity.

To be official, I love my black raven hair.


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