Email of the week

What a long day.

Today, an old friend emailed me that she is getting married in December.

While replying her email, I remembered the conversation with her when we were in college.

"I am afraid to be committed in a relationship. When it comes to marriage, it is something really serious. It will change everything that you have now. Freedom, freedom and freedom. So much to think of, take care of and afraid of."

I was thinking that “do we always have to live in fear?"

She replied "People are afraid to change ... and make choices in their lives. I guess, it is normal"

Now, she is getting married. Is she not afraid? I am wondering.

The next day, I receive a new mail from her. It starts with a warm greeting and joyous news about her wedding stuff. At the end of the email, she wrote "I am 29 now. I used to tell you that people are afraid to change. It is still true. But, at this point of my life, what I am afraid the most is time. I am afraid of tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, people grow older and things change. As you know, I am no longer younger. People change their mind when they get old :) I do not want to wait for the arrival of tomorrow by myself anymore ...“

Time changes our choices, doesn't it?


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