New Comer to CafePress

I just set up a new account with Cafepress.com , it is called http://www.cafepress.com/allshewants

I just tried a few designs on some items. It is easy and fun to design the shirts. Among the designs, I like the one with logo "No smoking please!!!". The colors and the shirt design are perfect to each other.

As you can see, I also use Karma for guys shirts. It adds extra mysterious sense on the men, that is what I think :). Well, it is lot of fun. I will update in my blog for new design or anything fun happens in my cafepress strore. Did I say it is free to own the store at cafepress?


Illo Friday- Aging

Father gets older everytime I visit him. His memory is not as sharp as he used to be. He worries about his health constantly. He has to has his glasses with him all the time. He always tell me that he needs the glasses to watch me closely. He is my hero, always.

My father teaches me about life. He is my guidance and idol. When I was a kid, I thought he was a hero that will never grow old. But, I was wrong.

Appreciate your parents. Without them, there will be no you.


And, I would like to dedicate this blog to my father.

Time goes forward, so is aging.

As you notice, I put the order of the illustrations from current time to old time. I think the final picture of me and my dad standing is a good way to potray a beautiful father-daugther relationship in the best simple way to end this short sketch.

By, Lora who just called home to her parents. Have you called home yet?

Guess Sunday

The winner will receive one pair of Sony Headphones
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Thought of the week

One day, I shop as usual in a grocery store.

Out of no where, a boy is crying.

“Mommy, I want this plane!!!”

The mom looks back to her son and takes the plane toy away. Then, she continues to shop for her stuff. The boy cries behind her back. She just ignores him and keeps walking away.

They disappear after they turn into another aisle.

When I am on the way out of the grocery store to my car, I saw the mother and the son are playing a plane that is fold with a piece of paper … … The moment between a mom and son is precious. It is meaningful.

They make me to remember the time when I was a kid. Looking up to my mom and beg her to buy a toy for me. But, she always said” I do no have enough money. Go play with other things, ok?”

So, I, my sister and brothers, as a kid, play with sands, rocks. We built pet house with rocks and shoe boxes. We fished at the river. We catch bugs. We play with home made toys. I can’t really remember what kind of toys we made. I remember no toy, but only memory of fun. We play with what we had. My mom and my generation grow up with not many material stuff.

When I now buy gift for my little niece, I always think that “What do I want her to remember with?”


Email of the week

What a long day.

Today, an old friend emailed me that she is getting married in December.

While replying her email, I remembered the conversation with her when we were in college.

"I am afraid to be committed in a relationship. When it comes to marriage, it is something really serious. It will change everything that you have now. Freedom, freedom and freedom. So much to think of, take care of and afraid of."

I was thinking that “do we always have to live in fear?"

She replied "People are afraid to change ... and make choices in their lives. I guess, it is normal"

Now, she is getting married. Is she not afraid? I am wondering.

The next day, I receive a new mail from her. It starts with a warm greeting and joyous news about her wedding stuff. At the end of the email, she wrote "I am 29 now. I used to tell you that people are afraid to change. It is still true. But, at this point of my life, what I am afraid the most is time. I am afraid of tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, people grow older and things change. As you know, I am no longer younger. People change their mind when they get old :) I do not want to wait for the arrival of tomorrow by myself anymore ...“

Time changes our choices, doesn't it?


Red hot for your bod

1. Viva Glam Lipstick from Mac Cosmetics, $14.
2. Sylke Krell Coral Branch Cluster Earring from Ravinstyle.com, $52.
3. Sexy Capri Red shoes from Nina. (Now on sale at shoes.com for $49.99)
4. Hot red dress that is designed by me :)


Illo Friday-Tranquility

They have been together for 5 years.

One day, he said “sorry”.

A simple word ends their relationship.

She is heart broken and silent. That is the longest tranquility she has ever had.

Weeks passed by … …

She still walks on the same street they first met, living in the city that has hidden
many of their past memories. Everything seems the same, except she is alone with fear now.

The coffee she used to like tastes different. The clothes that she used to wear turn out to be unattractive. She thinks that she has been used to the way he compliments her look.

She can hear that the city is crying for her at night.

She looked at me and said “Everything now looks so familiar.”

She continued “but I still feel the fear”

I asked “Fear of being alone?”

She answered “No, fear of forgetting him.”

Our conversation sinks into tranquility- it is just too much to wonder everything.

Comment: I always wanna write a short illustration story. This week's topic gives me a good start to draw and write as well. The reason I want to keep the story simple so that you can have your own interpretation based on my drawing. I hope that you will enjoy the version of your story through my drawing. Peace~~~ by Lora,July 25, at 8:44pm.


My hair cut

At last, I cut my hair short. Cut away the stress and boredom.

It is true that new hair cut gives you a new fresh image to feel good about yourself. Is it an illusion? I am not sure. But, I am sure that it does make you feel different and new. When you look at yourself in the mirror, have you ever wonder who you are and what is your life purpose?
I did. Having a new hair cut, it did make me wonder a lot more.

A boyish short hair makes me want to be tough and independent. A long straight hair covers me with mysteries and gentleness. Now, from a long hair to a shoulder length hair, I feel refreshing and young (mentally :)).

I hope you feel the same to your hair too. You do not have to be blond to love your hair. The color and the texture of your hair represent your uniqueness and identity.

To be official, I love my black raven hair.


What you should know about sunglasses:
Prevent harmful UV light.
Decrease eyes’ exhaustion and dryness.
Protect your eyes from particles in the air.

What you MUST know about Burberry sunglasses:
Been found for more than 100 years, Burberry is famous for its black, camel and white check. It offers classic elegance and exceptional quality. Thus, its sunglasses create luxurious comfort and self-confidence.

My favorites are the Burberry handbags.
Their famous checks are so simple, elegant and classic. Most important, it is so eye catching that it actually makes your mom jealous of your Burberry bag!



This is the first time I participate in Illustration Friday. I found it very interesting as I get to experience other people creativity and their sense of touch.

Well, I love to draw. It's all began when I was 8. A friend of my mom left hundreds of old Japanese comics books to us as she was relocating to other place and unable to bring those books with her. Since then. I start to draw and paint as often as I can. I am amazed, stunned and attracted to the beauty of those comics books. Its beauty is silent and is manipulated with your own imagination. How cool is that?

The topic of this week is karma. I see karma as we are in a world that invisible angel is watching each of us and note down the observation on our actions. The world is so big that we tend to be very clueless. Be true to yourself and others.


Introducing Sony W800i

New addition from Sony called W800i Walkman is more than just a 2 mega pixel digital camera with video recording capability. You can now play your favorite songs into your mobile! The hot flame of W800i is blowing now from Asia to everywhere in United States soon.

This juicy orange-looked W800i also comes with a headset. You will never miss a call while enjoying the music. It is designed that your music stops automatically when a call comes in. This in-phone digital music player is convenient and entertaining to use.

So, what’s in your phone?


Fried Pork Sirloin Chop Recipe

This is a simple dish that I made for today meal:

1. Marinate the pork boneless sirloin chop (cut in small pieces) with sweet soy sauce, salt, sugar, sesame oil, pure ground black pepper for 2 hours.
2. Cover the pork pieces with flour. Then, deep fry them with vegetable oil .

Serve hot with barbecue sauce on the side (optional).


The swimsuit for your laptop

Do you want some changes on the dull black laptop case that you carry everyday?

Marka(www.markaonline.com) has established a series of beautifully tailored laptop case for women. The case not only to store your laptop securely, but it also has extra smaller pockets to put your make-up accessories. You can also turn it as a handbag during weekends.

Size: 13” x 11.75” x 3.5”
Price: $355

*This Marka case suits nicely with the Ann Taylor Lofts's clothes.

There are other laptop cases which are below $100, such as a pink "JanSport Modus Women’s Computer Tote" costs only $69.99 at Amazon.


The earrings that would cost you a round trip flight ticket!

I love online shopping because you get to see as many items as you want conveniently. Today, I discover some earrings from “Anthropologies” at http://www.anthropologie.com/.

Their earrings are incredibly gorgeous with styles and quality. There is one really catches my eyes, called “old havana”. As you can see, the pellets of turquoise strung on delicate chains surround 14k gold plated tobacco leaves. The price is $198! Oh, well, the way I see it, the earrings is almost equal to a roundtrip ticket from Kansas City to Los Angeles. This is just too crazy!!! Please hit my head with a rock, I just can't take it... eerr........


From "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to the seduction of chocolates

We hardly get our hands off the delicious chocolates, don’t we?

The movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” starring Johnny Depp hit the theatre on July 15. The story is a combination of children adventures, fantasy and chocolates! If you crave for chocolates but avoid eating it to keep your diet. Then, you should watch out for this movie. It will be too much for you to handle emotionally.

Chocolates are always related with happy things. It is portrayed as a prefect valentine’s gift. When I want to be occupied by happiness, I mix in some chocolates bars with cookies, a can of coke and voila!

Chocolate has become very popular for a good reason- its taste creates a moment of pure indulgence. Even a hot chocolate that is very rich, full, dark and mellow could really fill you up.

One of the chocolates brands that drew my attention lately is “Green and Black’s”. In 2002, the chocolate ice cream from “Green and Blacks” was voted as the best chocolate ice cream on the market. If you happen to have tasted it, please let me know where to get it.


Starbucks- The Taste of the Mind

Today, I went to mall and stopped by Starbucks coffee stand for a cup of treat. They have this new drink called “Green Tea Frappuccino” which is made with Tazo blends fresh-tasting Matcha green tea. The combination with green tea and Frappucino creates really cool taste of satisfaction.

I bought one and read my favorite magazine in the sofa at the mall. Inside the midst of crowd, I suddenly feel that my existence is defined by my consciousness. Tasting the refreshing green tea favor and watching different characters walking by actually make me wonder how different everyone is … …


The dinner at Japanese Restaurant

Whooo... it is Friday night!

Tonite, I will be having dinner with friends at this amazing japanese restaurant.

Usually, before the dinner, I have already planned on what to wear. Every lady wants to look stunning in her own way and my way is just plain simple. So, I am going to wear the black cami that I just bought from GAP with my old jeans for the dinner tonite. This black cami is my recent favorite because it is really comfortable to wear and can be paired with my other outwears easily.

By the way, this japanese restaurant serves the ice water with a slice of cucumber on top of the ice, instead of lemon. Does it taste different? Yes, the cucumber actually works with the ice very well that it gives the refreshing aroma for the drink.

Sushi + favorite shirt + friends = great moments!


Harry Potter and my fantasy

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is being released around the world on July 16.

Fans all over the world are desperate to find out this new Harry Potter book due out this Saturday. Strict procedures have been taken to prevent the leak of the new book. For example, having every retailer to sign an agreement to not to sell the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” book before 0001 BST on July 16.

Harry Potter is all about fantasy. Fantasy is invisible in our lives, but it exists everywhere at any time. Endless fantasy about Star Wars movies, the sport car of your dream, the perfect man, the amazing beach house float into our minds unconsciously. I certainly find that it is interesting and there is no limit for that. Fantasy gives hope, do you agree?

Do I dream? Yes. I dream about buying that beautiful dress from Ann Taylor Loft. I dream about sitting at the coffee shop with the dress, reading a great book for the entire afternoon. No stress, no worry. Just myself.

The pleasure for your toes!

One thing I love to shop during summer is sandals. Doesn’t matter what you wear, a pair of nice sandals is a great way to “make up” your feet.

A nice sandal not only looks pretty outside, but it has to be comfortable to your feet too. Your feet connect you with nature. The sandals can tell stories as their unique designs give you insight of the nature beauty secretly. When you are walking along the beach, your feet feel the breeze and the wave. When you walk through the grass, your toes catch the refreshing breath from the flora. When you walk on the busy street in New York, you know that your sandals will follow every footstep you take, no question asks.

So, what kind of story do your sandals tell you?

Gallery sources-
1 from Gap.
2 from Banana Republic.
3 from Ann Taylor Loft.


Summer Care for your skin

When it comes to summer season, it is important to go out and without worrying your skin from the sun damage at the same time. We know that summer hot causes our skin dehydrating and the skin moisture becomes uneven which later causes skin problems.

There are many ways to protect your body from sun from head to toes. These are my favorites for summer:

I found that most people do not really put much passion to their hairs. Do you know that your hair actually is powerful enough to manipulate people’s first impression to you? Without proper protection, spending much times under the sun will make your hair becomes dry and deadly unattractive.

Favorites: #1 Healthy Shine Serum from Clinique. $15.50

To have a flawless face, you need to clean your face daily so that your face obtains the proper nourishments and moistures. I have a combination type face. So, I personally prefer cleansing gel that list impurities while helping to control shine and blemish. Also, I love cleanser that leaves my face clean and fresh with nice fragrance. Its refreshing smell just leave you feel fabulous about yourself.

Favorites: #2 Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash from the Body Shop, $11.50.

What is more refreshing that having your whole body to feel spoiled after a gentle shower? After a day under the sun exposing to other environmental factors, you should take a refreshing bath to nourish your body. Bath scrub is helpful to remove dead skin and dirt. Later, apply your body with shower gel to wash away fatigue.

Favorites: #3 Purely Silk Salt Scrub from Bath & Body Works. $18.50.
Oceanus Bath and Shower Gel (6.75 fl. oz.) from the Body Shop. $10.00.


"Pretty in Pink" at your Home

from Linens-N-Things, $29.99
This 18 inches glass tear drop lamp has a beautiful white drum shade, comes with on/off switch and uses a 60 watt light bulb(not included).

from Apple iPods, $199 ~ $249
Add the vibrant pink touch to your music. A must for your everyday pursuits.

from Linens-N-Things, $16.99
Gorgeous pink Waverly summer fun collection is ideal for your living room. It is 100% cotton cover with 100% polyester fill.

from The Body Shop, $NA
0.33 fl. Oz. pink grapefruit home fragrance oil brings crisp and citrus sense to your home.

from Linens-N-Things, $49.99
The Princess, designed in 1959, was compact and attractive. It also had a smaller footprint to fit in those not-so-big spaces. With its rounded edges, sleek lines, and fashionable design, it quickly became a favorite. (Item# 377443)


Dress your cell phone with "Poire" Pouch now!

When cell phones become part of our daily needs, it becomes essential that your cell phone can be as stylish as like your clothes. A cute phone pouch that I first noticed called the “Poire” pouch from Japan. “Poire” means pear in French. It comes in vivid colors and patterns which incorporated with European and Japanese designs.

Their looks are so irresistible and have stolen countless affection from ladies.

They are made of flexible materials which could strongly support your cell phone. No more scrounging in your purse for your cell phone anymore. Let Poire pouches hook onto your belt loop or hang bag for easy phone access. You can easily find these Poire pouches online, just type “Poire pouch” for the search words.

The price varies from $10 to $20.


Mini Cooper S Convertible, the “Mini Mania”

Since its debut in 2005, Mini Cooper S is so hot that I call it “Mini Mania”! The Mini Cooper S convertible expresses strong summer spirit and puckish charm. This is not a car that’s just about looks and charm. It could surprise you that it transforms into a serious sports car that is quickly unleashed as you control the gears and push it hard in the corners. Mechanically, the 2005 Mini Cooper S receives an infusion of 5 horsepower and 7 lb-ft of torque for a total of 168 and 162 respectively.

It is super good looking and still retains the feel of British heritage. In term of performance, the car can charge down a twisting canyon road with astonishing verve, with a rough city ride the primary drawback.

MSRP is $24,900.

Are you ready for it?

Coffee Lover and Illy

Are you a coffee lover? If you are, then you must not miss Illy which its coffee is created with exclusively 100% first class Arabica coffee beans and distinguish quality. Illy sells 5,000,000 cups of coffee a day worldwide.

Illy is a popular coffee maker from Italy. It is found by Francesco Illy in 1933. Over the past 70 years, Illycaff has dedicated its coffee quality with flavor and aroma of an espresso from Italy. Its caffeine is low which places fewer side effects than other coffee beans. Because of its premium quality, it became the first coffee company in Italy and Europe to obtain the certification of Quality System ISO 9001.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of Illy café and restaurants in United States. In order to experience illy’s rich taste to reward your spirit, you could checkout their products at http://www.illy.com/ .

Below is a picture of the illy’s Tiramisu that I would describe- “love on first sight”:


Beautiful Made Oriental Style Wall Art

If you are an oriental culture-lover, then you must love West Elm.

West Elm beautifully designs their furniture, bedding and bath, wall decoration and home accessories with strong and extraordinary comfortable sense. Obviously, their style is interacted with Asian philosophical favor and gentle oriental enlightenment feel.

I personally like the wall shelf from West Elm; they are simple enough to add little relaxing touch to your room while they would not place too much distraction to other furniture in your room.

The price ranges from $15 to $200 a piece. I wish that I am a gifted carpenter as I would have made them by myself.

Searching for the best flower for my bathroom

I love my bathroom very much, it is the second best place I love in my apartment. The first best room will be my bedroom.

I always try to find the perfect decor flower at different furniture and home improvement stores. But, I never did. Till last Saturday, I walked into Pottery Barn store at Kansas city, I saw this one beautiful flower in its simple way.

First thought? This is the one.