I See, I Feel and I Draw

Today, I read an old book. I found a cute bookmark with an illustration of bees on it.

It reminds me of my childhood ... catching insects and collecting colorful flowers with my siblings ... ...


illustration friday: Night

Night, a time that you see illusion. A night that you feel confused. You choose to see things that you believe in. Sometimes, it is clear but sometimes, it is not. A night that is filled with mysteries and secrets, I will remember.


Root Beer that I Love

I stopped by at an Italian coffee house and get a 12 fl oz. bottle of root beer- Stewart's Root Beer which is a satisfying, traditional root beer. It has been around since 1924 and has probably not changed too much.

The flavor has been hand-crafted from a secret combination of over 20 extract varieties of roots, herbs and berries. It is caffeine free and fat free as well.

This root beer will definitely satisfy any craving for root beer, I love its not-so-sweet classic favor!!!

Also available at Amazon.


Illustration Friday: Broken

The "broken" promise ....

Eat My Dinner with Chopstick

Long time did not blog... well, because I have been busy with work and study. Tired ... so, these days, I ate lots of fast food. Sometiems, I just eat fruits and cheesecakes. Kinda like a trash can. Eat like an unhealthy person. Now, things are getting back to normal. I hope that I can keep up my blog here.

Here is a recipe that I tried few days ago- Chicken with Chinese Mushroom.

First, I coated the chicken chunks with all purpose flour, then stir fried the chickens with vegetables and soem mushrooms. The sauce is brown sauce made from oyster sauce, pepper, honey and sesame oil.